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Latest news articles

Ardmore Academies: Giving young performers their voice

Designed specifically for future stars of TV, the stage, or even the boardroom, Ardmore Language Schools offers junior programmes that combine English lessons with training in how to command a presence in a wide variety of careers.

Thinking about studying in the United Kingdom? How do you choose between a City and the coast?

Studying English abroad is much more than learning a new language: it means a new culture, to visit different places, to get to know and live with different people from all over the world and that’s why it’s important to choose the right destination. You should consider whether you would prefer a beach or city location as this is where you will spend your time outside classes.

Future Learning Language School in Ireland has opened a new year-round school in central-Dublin

Future Learning Language School has announced the opening of a new Dublin City school. FL offers high quality summer programmes, mini-stays and year-round courses which offer a unique, technology driven approach.

4 places to visit in Johannesburg

When you study English in Johannesburg you’re presented with the possibility to have unforgettable experiences only possible in South Africa. Get to know some of the ‘must-visit’ spots in Johannesburg during your study time abroad.

The 4 best places to eat real Australian food in Sydney

Australian cuisine also has its own traditional dishes and they are all worth trying while you are studying - after all, experiencing and living the local culture is a major part of your course abroad!

6 Things to Do in 1-Day in Vancouver

If you plan to study English language in Canada, the city of Vancouver is an brilliant option. Vancouver is a city in western Canada, frequently voted as one of the greatest cities in the world for quality of living.

4 Amusement Parks to visit during a Language Course in the Gold Coast, Queensland - Australia

The Gold Coast is on the east coast of Australia and located 94 km south of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland.

5 Traditional South-African Dishes to Try During Your Language Course

A cultural exchange is not only about learning the language, but also about experiencing and enjoying the local culture including food you would not find/eat at home.. If you are the adventurous type of person who likes to taste the typical local dishes you will enjoy these 5 typical South African dishes during your language course abroad.

How technology can help you improve your English during your course abroad

Thanks to the digital world, many English language schools use technology in the classroom to make the learning process better and easier.

5 Castles You Can Visit When Studying in Newcastle

Newcastle is the most populous city in north-eastern England. It is located 450 km north of London and only 190 km south of Edinburgh, Scotland.

4 places to buy traditional British food during your English course in Wimbledon, London

Wimbledon in London is very famous for the world’s greatest tennis tournament. If you complete an English language course in Wimbledon, you will discover that this is not the only thing it has to offer. This charming and peaceful part of London has many things for students to do, and lots to eat!

Love Tennis, Love Wimbledon

Wimbledon is South-West London is home to the World’s oldest and most famous tennis tournament. Each year in July players enter the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association competition in the first 2-weeks of July.

Watch Gaelic football and hurling during your English course in Ireland

The 2 most popular sports in Ireland are Gaelic football and hurling. Irish football, also known as Gaelic football, is played by 15 players. The objective is to score goals by kicking or throwing/punching the ball.

The experience of a summer programme in a boarding school

A boarding school experience can be an incredibly rewarding one, where you study and live on campus. In summer, many language schools host international students at these schools from June to August.

5 Reasons Cape Town is the Best Destination In The World to Learn English

South Africans are notoriously friendly fun loving people and love engaging with foreigners.

Reducing Stress at Airports and on Flights

Buying plane tickets, planning a holiday or business trip, packing…all of these can be extremely exciting for anyone who enjoys travelling. They are also part of what needs to be done to go on that long-awaited adventure. So, even if you don’t like planning or packing, you do it anyway without any complaint. What I find myself always forgetting about, amidst this excitement, is the longest and the most annoying bit of this process. Annoying bit, you ask? Let me explain!

Marvel at the Maltese sunset

Malta is an incredible destination to study English, with English being the country’s official language. Located in Southern Europe, the territory occupies the Maltese Islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea lying just 80km from Italy. Thanks to its paradise-like beaches and crystal clear waters, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

4 wine regions to visit during your English language course in South Africa

Besides the incredible tours, unique nature and wildlife, and delicious food, the country is known as one of the top 5 wine-making countries. Thanks to its mild climate, regions near Cape Town are perfect for growing vines and making wine. Get to know some of the main vineyards in South Africa.

6 essential tips for long-haul flying

International flights are always exhausting. Depending on your language course destination, you may need to take a long-haul flight. Be prepared. Here are some tips to make your flight less tiring and more enjoyable.

10 of the most visited bars and nightclubs by international students in Los Angeles

There is nothing better than going to a bar or nightclub after a day of classes to have a good time and meet new people and of course practice your English. If you are thinking about taking your English course in L.A., it’s nice to know the best and most visited happy hour places.

Love Harry Potter - Visit filming locations while studying English in London or in the UK

One of the coolest things about learning English abroad is that you will be able to explore places where your favourites films were shot and usually you can visit them for free. When in London you can pretend to be in the magical world of Harry Potter.

EC Announces Intent to Acquire Study Group’s Embassy English

Maltese-owned EC English Language Centres has today announced its intention to acquire Embassy English from Study Group, subject to certain conditions

Study English in the home of the greatest New Years Eve party in the world, Sydney, Australia

For a great start in the new year, few things are better than learning English while being able to spend New Year’s Eve in one of the best parties in the world, in Sydney, Australia.

6 ways to save money/spend less during your course abroad

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to live an incredible cultural exchange. Besides learning another language, you will be meeting people from all over the world and have the chance to experience a different culture in a different country. But before going to study abroad you must plan your trip, starting with the basic costs for the journey such as accommodation, food, documents, flight costs, transport and leisure expenses.

5 unusual places for international students to visit in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s capital, Cape Town, is home to many unique places of natural beauty with its mountains and beaches. Thousands of tourists visit Cape Town for its famous tourist spots such as Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. Here we listed some unusual places slightly off the usual tourist trail so you can see even more of this African paradise.

10 places that every international student should visit in Calgary, Canada

If you’re thinking about studying English in Canada, Calgary is a great option as its ranking 4th amongst the best cities to live in the whole world! A modern and populous city, Calgary is located 80km from the rocky Canadian mountains and 300 km from the US border.

Get to know Galway, the incredible city for your English course in Ireland

Located just over 3-hours from Dublin, Galway is the 4th largest Irish city. It is a small town but due to its famous universities, it is very popular with tourists. Galway is also well known for its festivals, such as the arts international festival and the oyster festival.

Take the stress out of finding student accommodation in London

Britannia Student Services is London’s leading student accommodation agency, and for over 20 years has specifically helped visiting students to find the perfect ‘home away from home’ in this overwhelming but incredible city.

5 day trips from Madison, WI, United States of America

Madison, capital of the state of Wisconsin, is frequently listed as one of the best places to live in the United States. Wisconsin is known as the badger state after the miners who lived in caves that were called badger dens! There is a lot to do in and around Madison, and incredible trips a little farther away from the city. During your English language course, we encourage you to hit the road and explore Madison.

Experience the Christmas Markets during your English course in the U.K.

Christmas Markets are an old European tradition. The markets have several stalls, Christmas-themed food, arts and crafts, live music, and some of those markets also have an ice-skating rink and, of course, Father Christmas. The lights and decorations are beautiful at the festive time of the year. Find here a list with some of the most famous Christmas Markets in the UK.

8 street markets and crafts fairs in Cape Town, South Africa, that every international student should visit

One of South Africa’s capitals, - yes, South Africa has more than one, – Cape Town has mountains, beaches and such cultural diversity that makes it spectacularly beautiful.

Why choose Cork City in Ireland for your English language course?

Considered one of Ireland's most beautiful cities, Cork is a destination full of culture to be explored while you learn. Experience its charming beauty and warm welcome.

How to choose the best school for your English course abroad

With so many course/programme options, choosing the best school to learn English abroad can be very difficult. Once you have a goal in mind and a destination chosen, it’s time to choose in which school. In order to help you, follow these tips to help you make your choice.

Discover a new destination to learn English in Ireland, Kilkenny

Located in the centre of Ireland, Kilkenny is close to the two largest cities in the country, only 90 minutes away from Dublin and 2 hours from Cork City.

5 best destinations for English language students over 30

Students who are more mature, and who have greater experience in life and in the professional world can find several specific 30+ schools around the globe.

International Summer Schools in the UK & US? Take a look at ISSOS

ISSOS offers international summer schools in the UK & US. Find out more...

Can I study English abroad next summer please?

Why should parent(s) or carers consider sending their kids abroad for summer language programs?

MTS launches online English course

MTS (Mobile Testing Solutions Ltd) will offer an online English course from October 2018.

Which accommodation when you travel to learn English?

One popular way is a Host Family (or Homestay). Here are some reasons to choose this option:

Study in Langley, British Columbia, Canada

School District 35 Langley represents D.W. Poppy Secondary

Happy 40th Birthday - Languages International (New Zealand)

Languages International, New Zealand's first ever language school turns 40 this year

Success for Education SA and their language schools

English language schools in South Africa are now recognised as private colleges and can provide study permits (visas) more easily to students

5 enjoyable ways to boost your English

To complement your English language course, follow these tips for a faster and happier journey to fluency.

5 maneiras divertidas de melhorar seu inglês

Não é segredo para ninguém que o inglês é uma ferramenta altamente valiosa em nosso mundo cada vez mais conectado e competitivo, mas aprendê-lo exige tempo, paciência e foco.

5 modi divertenti per migliorare il tuo inglese

Non è un segreto che l'inglese è uno strumento di grande valore nel nostro mondo sempre più connesso e competitivo, ma l'apprendimento richiede tempo, pazienza e concentrazione.

5 formas divertidas de mejorar tu inglés

No es ningún secreto que el inglés es una herramienta muy valiosa en nuestro mundo cada vez más conectado y competitivo, pero aprenderlo requiere tiempo, paciencia y concentración.

Studying abroad? How to choose the best insurance

​If you’re planning an exciting trip to learn English abroad, there is one thing you should not leave home without – and that’s insurance. Check out this guide to choosing the insurance that's right for you.

What is homestay like?: An interview with an experienced host

We spoke to Linda, a homestay host who has been welcoming international students for 35 years.

Top British language schools by the sea

When the sun is shining, there are few places more joyful to spend time than on a British beach. Learn English at one of our favourite seaside language schools this summer, or start planning for next year!

¿Estudiando en el extranjero? Cómo elegir el mejor seguro

Si está planeando un viaje emocionante para aprender inglés en el extranjero, hay algo con lo cual no debería salir sin ello ─ y eso es un seguro.

Vai estudar no exterior? Saiba como escolher o melhor seguro saúde ou assistência viagem.

Se você está planejando um intercâmbio cultural para aprender inglês no exterior, há uma coisa que você não deve sair de casa sem - o seguro.

Studiare all'estero? Come scegliere l'assicurazione migliore

Se stai progettando un viaggio emozionante per imparare l'inglese all'estero, c'è una cosa che non si dovrebbe lasciare a casa senza - ed è l'assicurazione.

The meaning of task-based English language learning

Task-based English language learning is a technique that centres around the very purpose of language: communication. As well as being naturally interesting and motivating, the approach has several other advantages.

Exotic foods to try while learning English in South Africa

Nowhere is the vibrancy of this amazing country better experienced than through its food. If you’re planning to learn English in South Africa, this is our list of must-try dishes.

Why kids love New Westminster, British Columbia

As well as the abundance of incredible family activities available throughout British Columbia – from whale watching to amusement parks to skiing, kayaking and more – the activities on offer in New Westminster (or New West) make this city in particular fantastic fun for children of all ages.

The underrated benefits of learning English at boarding school

Parents who consider boarding school for their children will be aware that the secure, focused environment and small class sizes can bring particularly successful academic results, but there are further advantages that can sometimes be overlooked.

An alphabet of Australian slang

If you’re heading down under to learn English in Australia, these popular Australian English slang words will help you to understand the natives – and sound more like one too! Get ready to yabber…

The best 5 food markets in London

For foodies considering whether to learn English in London, this is our pick of the best food market experiences in or near the centre of England's capital.

LanguageCert and V1 Media Group partner!

LanguageCert and V1 Media Group partner!

Atlas to open new school in Malta

From the Emerald Isle to the Mediterranean: Atlas will now give its students the choice of two amazing and completely unique cultures as the backdrop to their English language studies.

Your essential World Cup 2018 vocab guide

To help you understand football commentary in English, and to chat about the nation’s favourite sport like a native, we have compiled your essential World Cup 2018 vocab guide.

The essence of a British summer

Ask anyone what annual event represents the quintessential British summer and they are likely to say it’s Wimbledon. But luckily you don’t need tickets to enjoy the iconic British summer in this pretty pocket of London.

Manhattan’s best breakfasts

From the American classics to the exotic morning meals served by the Big Apple’s vibrant and varied immigrant communities, this is our pick of the best breakfast spots in Manhattan.

Luggage tips for language travellers

Make sure you’ve got these luggage essentials, and they will form the foundation of your adventure of a lifetime.

5 dicas para a mala de viagem mais organizada do mundo

​Talvez você tenha passado meses planejando sua viagem, mas não há nada melhor do que a sensação de começar a arrumar as malas para seu intercâmbio cultural.

The summer camp effect

The impact of the summer camp experience on young minds can be truly remarkable.

Mobile Testing Solutions and LanguageCert join forces

​V1 Media Group members have united, making MTS a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre.

Celebrate English through cinema at Canada’s top film festivals

For an amazing cultural and immersive English language experience in Canada, head to one of the country’s many highly acclaimed film festivals.

Study in Bloomsbury, a heartland of Britain's intellectual history

Choose to learn English at British Study Centres’ central London location​ and you will be learning in an area associated with some of the greatest names and institutions in British history.

Working Life: the perfect way to spend a week this summer?

​Europa​’s week-long Working Life course is designed to develop language and employability skills, in the glorious seaside town of Bournemouth.

Seeing Sydney by kayak

​For a new perspective on Sydney – the city famous for its stunning harbour, sun-drenched beaches and rugged Pacific coastline – why not do your sightseeing from sea-level?

Pack your trunk for an amazing wildlife experience in South Africa

For some of the most spectacular elephant viewing in the world, head to Addo Elephant National Park – the third largest of South Africa’s great national parks.

Newfoundland and Labrador: Wild and wonderful

​Despite a human history that traces back around 9,000 years, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is a place to head if you want to feel far, far away from everything.

The market at the heart of Ireland’s foodie scene

Cork is crammed with restaurants, pubs and cafés, and at the heart of it all, the market that renowned chef Rick Stein refers to as ‘the best covered market in the UK and Ireland’.

Language learning from ages 0-100 in Guernsey

With over 25 years’ experience, Accent welcomes students of all ages to its language programmes on the gorgeous island of Guernsey.

Mackenzie opens to adult learners in brand new premises

​This is an exciting transition time for Mackenzie School of English, as it has recently moved to new premises and has also opened its shiny new doors to adult learners.

New Westminster School District 40: Welcoming international students to Canada since 1987

One of the first ever programmes to bring international students to Canada continues to be a leader in Canadian international education.

V1 Media Group members CES and LanguageCert collaborate for success

CES Dublin is to become a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre.

A taste of beautiful, exotic Auckland

Rated the third most liveable city worldwide on the Mercer Quality of Living scale and one of The Economist’s top 10 most liveable cities, Auckland is a city increasingly in the international spotlight.

Choose city or seafront in Ireland with ATC

With schools in both the beating heart of Dublin and the lovely seaside town of Bray, ATC Language Schools offers a consistently high-quality learning experience to suit a variety of tastes.

Toronto’s best budget markets

​For amazing shopping while practising your English and soaking up some of Toronto’s best vibes, head to one of the city’s many unique and wonderful markets.

From California to the Cape: Tips for travelling wine tasters

Wherever you are planning to swirl and sip, there are some universal rules you should stick to, to ensure your trip flows as smoothly as your wine.

CAPS-I: Reliable quality and outstanding choice for learning in Canada

The Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I) offers guidance and peace of mind to those looking for a study experience in beautiful Canada.

Edinburgh: Festival heaven

For the best annual line up of festivals in the world, head to Scotland’s compact, hilly capital city – Edinburgh.

European spotlight on Malta in 2018

​Visitors this year are flocking to the Maltese capital, Valletta. Why? Throughout all of 2018, Valletta holds the title of European Capital of Culture.

Juniors learn English and Football with Premier League champions Manchester City

Aspiring players unlock their potential in language and soccer.

The power of debating: ISSOS develops a key life skill for young people

In a world where we desperately need healthy debate to challenge opinions and create change for the good, what better skill set to offer young people as leaders of the future than debate.

Dealing with exam stress the LanguageCert way

Is there anything more stressful than taking an exam? Language assessment and certification experts LanguageCert have put together some tips to make sure you rise to the challenge with calmness and confidence!

Schools join the online learning revolution with eFlex Training

In the digital age, many language schools are wondering how they can offer their students the benefit of online learning without impacting on their brand image, existing curriculum or the school experience.

Study English with Southbourne School while enjoying Britain’s best beach

According to TripAdvisor, Bournemouth has the best beach in Britain, and British Travel Awards have also named Bournemouth the best seaside location. With this in mind, few language schools have such an enviable location as Southbourne School of English.

Flywire's expert tips for renting student housing in the USA

​Together with their partners LoftSmart, international payments experts Flywire have put together some valuable finance tips for international students renting accommodation in the USA.

Learn English while escaping winter! Study with OHC in Australia

If summer won’t come to you, why not go to where the summer is in full swing and you can learn English at the same time?

Internships in Ireland with Atlas

For those who want to put their English skills to use in an authentic workplace, Atlas is the perfect school to head for.

EC opens newest school in Dublin

International English language group EC has opened its first school in Ireland, taking the number of English-speaking countries in its portfolio to six: the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Malta and South Africa.

Learn the language of your chosen career with CES

For management-level students with busy timetables and a language barrier in their career, CES offers a range of professional English courses that are designed to get specific results in the shortest time possible.