New Zealand

Welcome to the land of endless scenic beauty.

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Made up of two main islands and a host of smaller ones, New Zealand is bigger than the UK with one-fourteenth of the population. 

It boasts some of the most spectacular and diverse environments on the planet, from beaches and rainforests to glaciers, fjords, mountains and volcanoes – and you can take in many of these natural features on the same day. Don't forget to try a bungee jump, invented and made famous right here.

Safe and laid-back, New Zealand is a delightfully welcoming place to visit. Services are excellent and efficient, and ‘Kiwis’ are naturally warm and friendly people, who are particularly hospitable to foreign visitors. The whole country comprises a fascinating blend of cultures that mingle and thrive in a peaceful yet vibrant society.

New Zealand weather is temperate all year round and, unlike neighbouring Australia, there are no dangerous plants, creatures or critters, so you can really relax with no fear of being bitten or eaten!

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