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A huge and diverse country, the United States of America is almost 3,000 miles wide and covers 3.8 million square miles of the North American continent.

Each of the USA’s 50 states has a distinct character of its own. Regional differences across the country extend to accents, food, drink, laws, politics and, of course, geography. From the sun-drenched beaches along the Californian coastline to the swirling Northern Lights in icy Alaska. From Death Valley to Silicon Valley. From the 84 million acres of incredible national parks to the bright lights of Hollywood, New York and Las Vegas. The vastness of the USA is like nowhere else on Earth.

American culture is a "melting pot", into which different cultures over the years have contributed their own "flavours". And just as cultures from around the world have influenced American culture, today American culture influences the world.

As the world leader in mass media production, including movies, television and music, the USA is an obvious and exhilarating destination for the English language learner.

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