The summer camp effect

The impact of the summer camp experience on young minds can be truly remarkable. Invest in one for your child and you will not only give them amazing memories to last a lifetime, but you will also be actively broadening their future horizons from an early age.

In a safe and secure environment, children of all ages can have a taste of independence – of mixing with new people in new surroundings, trying new activities and challenging themselves. Summer camps help to develop strong and confident young people, by fostering cultural appreciation, adaptability, creativity, courage, teamwork and many other positive qualities.

All this is set against a backdrop of learning a new language – an invaluable skill most easily learned in childhood, but with benefits that stretch throughout a person’s academic, professional and personal life.

Trinity UK’s summer camps are for students aged 10-17 and located in a choice of three perfect, student-friendly locations. Cirencester is found in the Costwolds, surrounded by idyllic English countryside, Leicester is a wonderful city located in the very heart of England, and Lampeter is one of Wales’s most popular coastal holiday spots.

From the moment they arrive, Trinity UK’s summer camp students are cared for 24/7 by a friendly team, passionate about their students’ safety and wellbeing.

If you’re interested in booking a language learning experience for your child, you can browse for locations on Learn English In here, or find out more about Trinity UK here.