An alphabet of Australian slang

G’day mate. If you’re heading down under to learn English in Australia, these popular Australian English slang words will help you to understand the natives – and sound more like one too! Get ready to yabber…

Arvo: Afternoon

Bonza: Excellent

Choccy biccy: Chocolate biscuit

Drongo: Fool, silly person

Esky: Cool-box

Fair dinkum?!: Honestly?!

G’day: Hello

Heaps: Lots

Icy pole: Ice lolly

Jug: Electric kettle

Knocker: Someone who criticises

Lollies: Sweets

Mate: Friend

(In the) Nuddy: Naked

Oz: Australia

Pommie: Englishman

(Not the full) Quid: Not very clever

Rapt: Pleased, delighted

Stubby: Small bottle of beer

Thongs: Flip-flops

Ute: Pick-up truck

Veggies: Vegetables

Wuss: Coward

XXXX: Brand of Australian beer, pronounced ‘four-X’

Yabber: Talk a lot

Zack: small amount of money: “it isn’t worth a zack”

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