Exotic foods to try while learning English in South Africa

The rich culture of South Africa has been influenced not only by its indigenous population, but also by settlers from Holland, France, India and Malaysia. Nowhere is the vibrancy of this amazing country better experienced than through its food.

If you’re planning to learn English in South Africa, this is our list of must-try dishes:

Biltong - This dried, cured, spiced meat is perhaps the most loved – and the most famous – South African snack. Similar to American jerky, beef, venison or ostrich biltong are most commonly available, but you can also find less conventional varieties such as chicken.

Cape Malay curry – Aromatic and wonderful, Cape Malay curry was developed in the 17th century, when the Dutch and French settled in Cape Town, with their slaves from Indian, Indonesia and Malaysia. Cinnamon, turmeric, chilli and saffron make this dish sing.

Boerewors – A traditional thick farmer’s sausage, Boerewors is made of a mixture of beef and pork, spiced with coriander. It’s best served hot-dog style, on a soft roll with fried onions and lashings of ketchup and piccalilli.

Bunny chow – Originally created by Durban’s immigrant Indian community, this popular street food does not contain rabbit! It’s tasty, spicy chicken, pork or veggie curry stuffed into a hollowed-out loaf of bread.

Malva pudding – A simple baked sponge pudding baked with apricot jam and smothered with hot toffee sauce, malva pudding is very similar to the traditional British sticky toffee pudding. A perfect ending to Sunday lunch!

Don Pedro – This delicious cocktail-come-dessert is available in every bar. South African Amarula liqueur is combined with ice cream and cream, to create a super sweet sensation with a boozy kick.

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