5 enjoyable ways to boost your English

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It’s no secret that English is a highly valuable tool in our increasingly connected, competitive world, but learning it takes time, patience and focus. As well as taking a study abroad experience of a lifetime, there are other enjoyable things you can do to enhance your progress.

Follow these tips for a faster and happier journey to fluency:

1. Watch TV and movies in English – Millions of hours of TV and movies are produced in English annually, across every genre. Get used to hearing different varieties of spoken English, and if you struggle, you can turn on the subtitles and practise your reading too. Music and radio in English are also great for practising your listening skills.

2. Keep a diary – Develop your writing skills and keep a record of your life by sitting down to write about your day in English. A great way of getting comfortable with the past tense, you can also put new vocabulary to use.

3. Label your house – Enjoy expanding your vocabulary during your daily life by sticking labels on items in your surroundings. Each time you see a label, say the word out loud. Only remove the label when you are completely confident using the word.

4. Find a conversation partner – When it comes to learning language, nothing is better than real communication, so find a native-speaking friend who will chat to you regularly in English. If you can do a language swap and help them learn a language too, then even better.

5. Use social media – Interact with English speakers online. Facebook and Twitter are perfect platforms to engage with others about subjects you are interested in. For live face-to-face conversation, Skype is the most popular platform.

When learning an advanced skill it can sometimes feel like you are going nowhere. The most important thing for the language learner is not to worry and not to be discouraged. If you find ways to have fun during the learning process, you will have a much greater chance of success in the long run.