Success for Education SA and their language schools

English Language school association and V1 Media Group member Education South Africa (EduSA) announced that language schools have been formerly recognised and accredited as private colleges by the South African government. This means students studying there can apply for study permits.

This is a landmark moment for the English language learning industry in South Africa and took over 20-years to achieve. The agreement with the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) to recognise members as private colleges means greater cooperation with South African embassies, consulates & missions worldwide. 

Johannes Kraus, Chairperson of EduSA said 'The process of study permit (visa) applications should now be clear, unambiguous, streamlined and stress-free for all agents and students'

Great news for anyone wanting to LearnEnglishIn South Africa. There are so many reasons to study in South Africa

Well done to EduSA and congratulations to Johannes and all member schools. This is great news for BLI and Good Hope Studies who offer such great programmes in South Africa

Read the full press release about language schools in South Africa receiving formal government recognition.