Happy 40th Birthday - Languages International (New Zealand)

In 1978 space invaders launched, Argentina won the World Cup & Spain returned to democracy. The World’s first test-tube baby was born and the movies Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind were all released in cinemas around the world.

The same year also saw the opening of New Zealand’s first language school…. Languages International

A family-owned school with a passion for their students and for New Zealand …they continue to welcome students from all over the World.  

New Zealand is the same size as the UK but has a population of 4.7-million (as opposed to 66-million!). NZ is known for the warmth of the people, the spectacular beauty of the land, and for being safe and very exciting. 

Add to this 40-years of experience in helping students to learn English and to have a life-changing experience…...Languages International continues to put students first and to be a great ambassador for NZ and its people. Follow news about Languages International on Facebook and see stunning images of New Zealand on Instagram and Twitter