Study in Langley, British Columbia, Canada

One of the many schools represented by Langley School District is D.W. Poppy Secondary School in Langley. Named after David William Poppy Jr, mayor of Langley in the 60's, the school celebrates multi-culturalism and mutual respect.

D.W. Poppy Secondary School wants home and international students to develop academically, and in their approach to working life. The school wants all students to develop respect and to celebrate differences in people from all over the world, making lasting friendships on summer camps and international programs.

You can see their programs HERE and if you like the the arts, D.W Poppy school is famous for their musical theatre program.

The school welcomes students who want to learn English in Canada from Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea, and China.  Many of their graduates move on to universities and colleges in Canada and the US.  

They made friends through the International Club led by Canadian student mentors and travelled throughout the District experiencing what British Columbia has to offer.