Which accommodation when you travel to learn English?

When you learn English in a foreign country…. Where do you choose to live? One popular way is a Host Family (or Homestay). Here are some reasons to choose this option:

Personal care - Many hosts are well travelled and know what it is like to be abroad. They can become your home from home.

Practice Practice! - You will be able to speak to the family and it can really help your studies.

Culture - Hosts welcome students into their homes because they are proud and want to share their culture with you. You will learn about traditions, food, media and lots more

Trips - Many hosts will offer students trips to the cinema, attractions and even to meet more of their family members.

Cost - Hosts don’t need long contracts and utilities (Internet/heat) are included in most places.

Safety - The comfort of having a ‘family’ in your new temporary home can be a big reason for you and your parents.

Food - Your hosts will cook and eat with you. A great way to experience real food from the country you are studying in.

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