Can I study English abroad next summer please?

Why should you send your kids on summer school language programmes abroad?

Better Language Learning - The earlier your child is introduced to a second language, the greater the chances are that the child will become truly proficient in the language. Many experts attribute this proficiency to physiological changes that occur in the maturing brain as a child enters puberty. 
Life Outlook - Summer schools will improve the way your children express themselves and exposure to different basic cultures gives them a wider outlook in life.
School Performance - Your children derive other benefits from early language learning, including improved overall performance and better problem-solving skills.
Communication Skills - Your children will develop the confidence and lifelong ability to communicate with more people, and with people from different countries and cultures.
Health and Well-being - There has been research to show that learning a second language can improve mental health and reduce the potential for your child to suffer from dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) in later life.

Why not look at these schools in the United States such as Ardmore, EC & AHLI.

Or in the United Kingdom such as ISSOS, Trinity, Redwing & Liverpool School of English.