Get to know Galway, the incredible city for your English course in Ireland

Located just over 3-hours from Dublin, Galway is the 4th largest Irish city. It is a small town but due to its famous universities, it is very popular with tourists. Galway is also well known for its festivals, such as the arts international festival and the oyster festival.

It is impossible to talk about Ireland without talking about pubs. In Galway, you can find several kinds of pubs, but don’t forget to visit Tigh Coili, the perfect traditional pub for you to enjoy Irish hospitality and enjoy live Irish music.

Walking through Galway Bay and its many canals is also something that all visitors absolutely must do.

One of the most important Irish universities is located in Galway, the National University of Ireland (NUI Galway). You can go there to visit its gigantic campus, and to enjoy the university atmosphere.

Galway’s location means you can find amazing landscapes and places to visit in Ireland, such as Connemara National Park, which is a true paradise, and Cliff of Moher, which are a set of cliffs with an amazing view. The city also has several places to visit, such as the busy street of Galway, Quay Street. There, you can find pubs, shops, restaurants and live music until dawn.

The city architecture boasts two beautiful cathedrals. Galway Cathedral is located in the centre of the city, and St. Nicholas, the biggest mediaeval church in Ireland, built in 1320.

Galway can be the ideal destination for your course abroad and international experience, besides the opportunity to get to know and explore the local Irish culture.

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