6 essential tips for long-haul flying

International flights are always exhausting. Depending on your language course destination, you may need to take a long-haul flight. Be prepared.
Here are some tips to make your flight less tiring and more enjoyable.

1. Choose a good seat  
Your seat might comfortable, but your body will get tired of sitting down. Make sure you get up and stretch your legs during the flight.  Simply visiting the washroom/toilet and walking through plane will help you to relax and improve blood flow.

2. Wear comfortable clothing  
Travel wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable. High heels, skinny jeans and tight shirts are not recommended. It is always good to take your shoes make sure you wear clean socks.

3. Stay Hydrated
On a long-haul flight, cabin humidity drops to lower than 20% which our bodies are affected by. After going through security control at the airport, buy a bottle of water to hydrate before you board and be sure to ask for water during the flight.

4. Eating  
Food rich in carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, make our body more adaptable to aeroplane pressure, according to several studies.  Go veggie: Choose the vegetarian meal option (with most airlines you will need to order this in advance), as this is often lighter and more nutritious than traditional plane food. Avoid snacking on sugary foods as these will affect your blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling tired, agitated and hungry.

5. Sleep well 
Sleeping and resting during long-haul flights is essential. Neck pillows, ear-plugs and eye masks will help you sleep better.

6. Use technology 
Take your tablet, smartphone or laptop to spend time and enjoy a variety of music, games, books, movies or TV series. Don’t forget to charge your gadgets before boarding the airplane. Also remember to download films or music before you leave.

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