The 4 best places to eat real Australian food in Sydney

Those who plan to study English in Australia,  can find a lot of different restaurants with all kinds of food from all over the world in the city of Sydney. Australian cuisine also has its own traditional dishes and they are all worth trying while you are studying - after all, experiencing and living the local culture is a major part of your course abroad! 

Meat Pie 

The most traditional dish from Australian cuisine and something they are very passionate about!  Try pies at Harry's Cafe de Wheels, which is a moveable food truck, very famous in the city. Go and taste one of the classic meat pies in Australia!  You can find these food trucks in various places around Sydney.

BBQ Ribs

Whether it's pork or beef, the ribs with barbecue sauce is another iconic dish from Australian cuisine!

Roast Lamb

The most popular meat eaten in Australia. It goes with vegetables and a very special sauce called Gravy. Try this delicious dish at Hurricane’s Grill and Bar, a famous restaurant in Sydney. Be prepared to eat a lot so go with an empty stomach! It's a simple place, where you can enjoy eating ribs with your hands - wearing an apron to protect your clothes! 

Hurricane’s Grill and Bar Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, R 3006 Blaxland Rd & Devlin St, Ryde NSW 2112, Australia


 A dark brown, thick and savory Australian bread spread, and much-loved Australian food. It's made with beer yeast and it's lightly spread on toast or crackers. It's usually served on breakfasts or afternoon coffees. People love it or hate it! You can find Vegemite in lots of Australian supermarkets. 


Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert covered with fruit.  Try this delicious dessert at City Extra, which is open 24/7!

City Extra: E4 East Podium, Between Wharf 3 & 4, (where the Manly ferry pulls in at Circular Quay), Circular Quay NSW 2000, Australia.

If you want to try these delicious foods and also learn English in Sydney, check out what OHC Sydney has to offer. The school is located in the city centre, surrounded by cafes and restaurants.