The power of debating: ISSOS develops a key life skill for young people

“In a world where we desperately need healthy debate to challenge opinions and create change for the good, what better skill set to offer young people as leaders of the future than debate.”

This is the view of ISSOS, the organisation that offers 13- to 18-year-olds from all over the world the chance to combine academia, fun and cultural enrichment in the world class universities of St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale.

Young people are exposed to many different opinions and viewpoints in their lives, from their parents, their education, the media and their peers. Debate offers them the opportunity to engage in healthy discussion, expressing and challenging their own opinions, and those of others, in a safe and educational environment.

For three weeks, ISSOS students can engage in the art of debate whilst being taught and guided by world-class specialist coaches. Depending which campus they choose, students are offered the opportunity to debate in the St Andrews University Debating Chamber, once home to the Scottish Parliament, and The Cambridge University Debating Chamber, where Winston Churchill, The Dalai Lama and many famous politicians, activists and alumni students have spoken. At Yale, students can follow in the footsteps of one America's best debating societies, Yale University Debating Society

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