From California to the Cape: Tips for travelling wine tasters

Some of the world’s finest wines are produced in English-speaking countries, making wine tours a popular activity for language students. Wherever you are planning to swirl and sip, there are some universal rules you should stick to, to ensure your trip flows as smoothly as your wine.

Preparing for your visit:

- Pre-plan and make sure you check with the wineries that they will be open when you plan to visit.

- Remember to have a designated driver, or hire a guide to drive you.

- Make sure you eat a good breakfast and lunch, or the alcohol will affect you much more.

- Wear comfortable clothing, and keep it casually elegant as a sign of respect.

- Don’t wear heavy perfume or cologne as strong smells can interfere with the tasting experience.

During your visit: 

- Pace yourself and select 3-4 wineries to visit, to keep things manageable.

- Take water to sip on between tastings and keep hydrated.

- Understand that wine is given in tasting-sized pours and don’t ask for a larger size. If you really love a wine, buy a bottle to take home.

- It is perfectly acceptable to taste and then spit your wine if you want to keep tasting without taking the alcohol.

At the end of your visit:

- Don’t feel pressure to buy any wine, but if there is one you really love, support the winery by buying a bottle. 

- If you loved the experience, tips are always welcomed by the staff.

Why not learn English in the USA, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa and make a wine tour part of your experience?