A taste of beautiful, exotic Auckland

New Zealand's indigenous Māori people called Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau, a maiden desired by a hundred lovers, referring to the desirability of the fertile land that sits amidst waterways running in all directions. And indeed, wherever you are in the city, breath-taking natural experiences are never far away. Within 30 minutes you can be immersed in incredible nature: relaxing on a beach, kayaking to an island, or hiking through parklands. Rainforests, thermal springs and volcanoes are all within easy access.

The background rhythm of Polynesian culture in Auckland is unmissable. In fact, this diverse and multicultural city is home to the largest Polynesian population in the world. There is also a large population of New Zealand's native Maori people, and communities of immigrants from all around the world. This rich cultural mix is celebrated with a wide variety of festivals and events throughout the year.

Add a sunny climate, a passion for excellent food, wine and shopping, and the world’s friendliest people (according to Condé Nast Traveler), and you’ll begin to get a picture of New Zealand’s largest and most diverse city.

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