New Westminster School District 40: Welcoming international students to Canada since 1987

One of the first ever programmes to bring international students to Canada continues to be a leader in Canadian international education.

The New Westminster School District consistently ranks among the top public boards in the province of British Columbia. Having provided quality public education to its residents since the 1920’s, in 1987 it decided to open its doors to students from overseas.

Since then, New Westminster School District 40’s international education programme has gone from strength to strength, and today, just over 30 years later, it admits students from all over the world into its range of highly developed long- and short-term programmes. Students are welcomed from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (ages 5-18), and with any level of English, from Beginner to Advanced.

New Westminster is a small friendly city, with a population of just 65,000. With its beautiful scenery and the warmest climate in Canada, New Westminster is also just 25 minutes from Vancouver International Airport and downtown Vancouver. This makes it a perfectly positioned destination for those looking for access to all the natural and urban delights of Canada in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

The carefully organised and administered Homestay programme ensures international students are fully immersed in a completely secure and welcoming experience.

To find out more, visit the New Westminster School District 40 website.