Seeing Sydney by kayak

For a new perspective on Sydney – the city famous for its stunning harbour, sun-drenched beaches and rugged Pacific coastline – why not do your sightseeing from sea-level?

Port Jackson is one of the world’s largest natural harbours, and home to a number of fantastic kayaking companies. Some of the best tours start before 6am, so you can glide through the quiet waters, look up to see the sun slowly rise over the Opera House – the city’s most iconic landmark – and paddle between other waterside attractions.

Intrepid explorers can join tours that go further afield, taking in more of Sydney’s astonishingly varied coastline. From meandering creeks and sandy beaches to dense bushland and deep gorges, it’s hard not feel awestruck by nature as you explore the interconnection between land and sea.

Tours are usually very well equipped. The kayaks themselves are stable so you don’t have to work too hard – some even have cup holders that keep your coffee warm, which is a blessing in the early mornings. There’s also often a photographer on tour with you so you don’t have to risk getting your camera wet.

If you’re a city person who loves the natural environment too, Sydney is a wonderful destination for learning English. The OHC Sydney campus is located in the heart of the city – just a 15-minute walk from the Royal Botanic Gardens, with the Opera House just beyond.

Find out more about Sydney and learning English with OHC here.