Luggage tips for language travellers

You may have spent months planning your language learning experience, but there’s nothing like the feeling of packing your bags to make it all suddenly seem real! Make sure you’ve got these luggage essentials, and they will form the foundation of your adventure of a lifetime:

Suitcase – If you don’t choose your main bag wisely, your packing will be failure before you even begin. Choose something reliable, durable and the right size for your length of trip – and if you intend to do a multi-destination language experience, consider the benefits of taking a good quality rucksack instead.

Packing cubes – The best invention since the suitcase itself, these little zippable bags allow to you to keep your clothes and belongings effortlessly organised. They come in different shapes and sizes for packing different items, and are super lightweight. Once you’ve used packing cubes, you will never look back!

Day pack – Essential for both your studies and your adventures after school, some suitcases and rucksacks even have a day pack conveniently built in, that you can zip off and go. You will spend a lot of time with your day pack, carrying your books, food, water and other necessities – so make sure it’s comfortable with wide, padded straps.

Document holder – Keep all of your important documents organised in the same place. That way you can access your passport, travel insurance, tickets, other currencies and so on easily and quickly when you need them – leaving your wallet clear for the things you’ll use on a daily basis.

Wallet – You may be used to keeping your money, bank cards and ID loose in your back pocket, but losing any of these essentials while you’re away from home can be extremely inconvenient, so it’s never wise to do this while you’re travelling. Keep everything together in your wallet and keep your wallet in a safe place on your person.

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