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Galway is a beautiful harbour city on the West Coast of Ireland which is a popular destination for both tourists and international students. It's a beautiful seaside destination with great beaches, a lively city centre with many unique shops and traditional Irish pubs to try local food and maybe try a pint of Guinness.

The Bridge Mills school is also unique due to it's location. The school is in an 18th Century mill (a building historically used to grind grain into flour for baking) situated on the River Corrib, right in the centre of Galway. From the windows of your classroom you will have an amazing view of the river with colonies of swans and wild birds, and in the distance, Galway Bay and the hills of County Clare. 

The school is immensley proud of it's heritage, it's teaching and the warm welcome and help it offers to all international students. There is no doubt that you will have an amazing and life-changing experience at Bridge Mills Language Centre in historic Galway.

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Carefully selected host families

En-suite host family accommodation available too!

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Wide range of English courses

including General, Business, Exam preparation, Part-time, Teacher training..

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Unique location

in an old mill on the River Corrib


Maximum class size


years of teaching experience


hours to Dublin or Cork