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About the school

LILA* was established in 2004 by two sisters who, as former teachers themselves, wanted to provide an unforgettable experience for students both inside and out of the classroom. Their vision has always been for every student to 'Love to Learn at LILA*'.

With an incredible, modern teaching centre in the very heart of Liverpool, and an infectious family atmosphere created by the owners and every LILA* staff member, it will quickly feel like home from home. 

Student support is amazing and there is always something fun to do both in and out of the school as part of the social programme. They are just around the corner from the famous "Cavern Club' in Liverpool where The Beatles started their musical careers.

The north of England has a warmth generated by the friendly local people. Liverpool is also one of the most creative places in the UK. You will 'love to learn with LILA*'

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Carefully selected accommodation

including studio apartments within walking distance of Lila*

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Wide range of English courses

General English • IELTS Preparation • Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE and CAE) • Trinity Exam Preparation (closed groups only) • Evening Classes • English for Business • Teacher Training • Groups and junior programmes

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LILA* City Explorer for teens +

Football Academy • Digital Academy • Dance Academy


the year LILA* was established by sisters Leanne & Victoria (you will meet them)


Unique Liverpool-themed classrooms


minutes walk from Liverpool's Central Lime Street Station