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About the school

Future Learning is different and super cool! 

At FL you learn English using everyday devices you are familiar with to help you learn in the classroom such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops. For this technologically enhanced English programme you must have a tablet device (iPad is preferred) or a good smartphone which you will use in class every day.

The school is in Sligo on the west coast of Ireland in the IT Sligo building which has modern facilities rarely seen for summer language schools. There are large classrooms with the latest modern technology to compliment the technology-enhanced FL programme focus. The Knocknarea sports centre and sports fields are next to the school.

Mornings are spent in class with fun technology-based learning. Afternoons include exciting activities - not only cultural and sporting, but also more challenging things like coding, engineering, science, hip-hop....yes hip hop!, baking and a lot more! 

You won't be at the school all the time as FL courses include exciting evening activities and one half-day and a full day trip each week to explore great places and practice your new English skills!

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Two accommodation options

Irish host families and residential accommodation

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Future Learning is a leader in bringing technology into the classroom.

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Amazing location

in a beautiful coastal town


hours of technology-enhanced lessons per week

11 - 17

age of students accepted to Future Learning Summer Programmes


average class size